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Old Version AIM + Old Version DeadAIM

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Tired of crappy IM clients? Me too, but here's a good FREE option.

The old version of AIM is significantly less shitty than new versions, there are no obtrusive ads, and its not bloatware. Add the old version of DeadAIM and you have a real winner. Deadaim is now $5, but this version is freeware, it adds tabbed IM windows and removes the ads, what you end up with is a simple AIM client that is fully functional (you can use direct connect and file transfers) and just rocks.

  1. Download and install the old version of AIM (AIM version 5.2)
  2. Download and install the old version of DeadAIM(Deadaim version 3.2)
  3. Enjoy!