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Free Image Hosting

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Note: This is pretty out of date now, do a google search for file host list for best results.

Heres my running-list of free image hosting services.

FileHost.ws - Upload to most of these from one place, very very nice.

ImageShack.ws - 1MB File size. Files never deleted. 1 File at a time.
File Types: .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .tif .tiff .swf

PaintedOver.com - 1.5MB File siz. 1 File at a time.
File Types: .jpg .jpeg .png .gif

fapomatic.com - 1.5MB File size. For adult/NWS images. 1 File at a time.
File Types: .jpg .jpeg .png .gif

ImageVenue.com - 1.5MB File size. Image Resizing. 5 Files at a time.
File Types: .jpg .jpeg

WTFhost.com - Run by me. 1MB file size. Tons of files at a time.
File Types: .jpg .zip .doc .txt .phps .bmp .jpe .gif .png .rar .htm .html .swf .avi .mpg .mpeg .wmv .mp3 .wma .wav

Rapidshare.de - 30MB File size. Best for videos/other files, not images.
File Types: A crapload

UploadHut.com - WARNING: may try to install spyware, use firefox. 50MB File size. best for videos/other files, not imagse.
File Types: Any

Public Upload Thingy - Wouldnt count on it being around forever.
File Types: ???

FrozynFyre's Uploader - 4MB file size.
File Types: .jpg .doc .txt .bmp .jpeg .gif .png

FapFap.net Uploads - 350KB file size
File Types: .jpg .jpe .gif .png