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Ski Stunt Simulator

I saw a post on digg.com with the link to the addictive ski stunt simulator demo. well the-underdogs.org (AWESOME SITE) has the full version of it because it is now abandonware.

I uploaded the zip to my server because the-underdogs.org is slow as hell, so here it is. The name and registration key are in the readme.

And here is the java demo if you want to try it out before installing.

And to be complete, here is the link to the the-underdogs.org page for the game.

Just a note, this is not really warez, its abandonware, there is a difference. the guy who made it doesnt sell it anymore.
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8:07 PM

thansk for all the info    

9:47 PM


1:40 AM

cheers for the link    

4:13 PM

I cant get in becasue of the name and registration key. I cant find them in the readme, can anyone help?    

11:50 AM

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10:40 PM


6:51 PM

how do you get a name and key?    

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