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Google takes down Google X

Another Update:
I just looked and theres a bunch of news stories about it now, so heres the links to actual news sources.
Google news search for "Google X"

Heres a mirror of Google X

Google took down its OSX-style search page that was at the link below

Notice that the error is not Google's normal 404 error message, instead giving the error "The requested URL was not found on this server." with just that text and nothing else.

The Google Blog article for Google X is still up.

Heres the Google Blog entry in case they take it down

Google goes X
Today is an amazing day: A small idea - a fun late-night coding jaunt to help me learn Javascript & DHTML - has just launched on Google Labs. I never expected it to make it as far as it has when I wrote it a month ago, especially since my "real" job is working on Keyhole, where I'm having the time of my life taking our cool 3D mapping application and putting the power of Google behind it. It's fulfilling to have the opportunity to reach the audience we always dreamed of when we started Keyhole five years ago, and that by itself is absolute coolness.

And now there's Google X, which came about because I wanted a quick fun way to access all of Google's services. I gave it to a few friends in the company, who gave it to their friends, some posted it on their blogs, others sent it around on mailing lists, and it eventually made its way to Marissa Mayer, who liked it enough to say, when do you want to put it up on Labs? So after some spit and polish from some enthusiastic Googlers and the keen eye of the UI team, Google X is here. I hope all of you enjoy it - especially Mac users, who I'm sure will appreciate its lineage.

Chikai Ohazama
Software Engineer
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