No one will ever read this. (I hope)

Block almost all ads in Firefox

Advanced Users:
If you know wtf you're doing, go here.

Novice Users:
With just a few easy steps, you can block 99% of ads in Firefox.

  1. Install the ChromEdit extension

  2. Go to the tools menu and click "Edit User Files"

  3. Go to the "userContent.css" tab

  4. Go to this link and copy the code.

  5. Paste it in your userContent.css file and click save

  6. Restart your browser

  7. Enjoy ad-free surfing!

In case you're wondering how this works, it just blocks elements in the page that are the same as those specified in your userContent.css, so it doesnt even load the image/iframe/whatever (unlike Adblock).
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5:09 PM

Sorry, I read it. :) thanks for the info!    

4:49 PM

It works, thanks bud!    

12:02 AM


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