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"Thinks" are people who

  1. Do not murder, steal, ect.
  2. Do that which is good and just (deciding what is good and just is YOUR responsibility)
  3. Come to YOUR OWN conclusion on issues based on the actual issue, and not on what a church or activist group says.
  4. Acknowledge and respect other people's opinions, whether you agree with them or not.

Most thinks are people who would normally say that they dont have a religion if they were asked, but simply say that because their beliefs do not conform to a certain religion, or they do not want to be labeled as Christian or Jewish or whatever, when in fact they do have their unique beliefs and values based on their experiences and opinions.

Thinks believe that people should THINK and come to their own conclusion rather than listening blindly to a church or an activist.

This is pretty much just a way of thinking, but the ultimate goal of this would be to be able to tell someone you're a "Think" when asked what religion you are, just as you would say you are a Christian or any other religion.
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Now that I've had a think about your theory on "Thinkism", I thinks it's tiomes mees thunk's mees some more thoughts about this here theory. Do you know what I mean?

In actual terms I really do think that people do fit your discription, but does that really mean that all of humanity comes under that category, or is it a specific small miniority who would be so indecisive about such huge subject matters that Preachers in Churches or activists would cover in their dialog presenting their ideas?

To me there are so many who would much rather just sit around thinking about all manner of nit-pickingly insignificant "BS" to the point of being obcessive, with their unrelenting repetetive other "BS" that would always and quite naturally for these ones, accompany such "BS", if you know what I mean?

This is all just my opinion of course, so I would like to hear from you about this, so I'll include my Email Address with this message, because I'm still quite new to this sort of thing.

My name is Michael Cammock, here in Hamilton New Zealand and here's my Email address:

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